Electro Egypt International is a company specializing in the installation and maintenance of audio-visual equipment , the security services , voice and image  control systems  wired and wireless and network design high quality.

The company works hard to develop their products in order to always offer the highest specifications and the highest quality and always think about what is always appropriate for the client side of the technical and financial

The company’s target is making better service by a trained & specialized.

 We are agents and distributors for major international companies, which always helps us to provide better service in many areas, including: -

1 - surveillance cameras and systems, voice and image
2 - remote control systems
3 - Internal communication and corporation’s systems
4 - Time attendance Systems fingerprint and smart cards
5 - Sound systems and conference rooms
6 - Control systems in the entry and exit of people and products
7 - Insurance and detection systems for weapons and minerals
8 - Burglar alarm systems and fire
9 - Sound systems